Keep your inventory synced across everywhere you sell

Trunk is inventory management that connects to all your sales channels — managing & tracking your inventory from one place has never been easier

Centralize your inventory

With a master inventory, you’ll be able to do things such as update an item’s stock in your inventory and push it out to every sales channel where that item is listed. With the power of managing your inventory from one place, feel free to use the time you save by growing your business and selling on even more places

Always know your stock

Trunk is always connected and synced making it easy to get an overview of the latest stock levels across all your sales channels for each item in your inventory. And when an item sells on one sales channel, Trunk can immediately pick up on it and update stock levels or mark it sold out across your other sales channels where that same item is listed

Works with your business

Got multiple variations of an item? Trunk will handle that just fine. How about if you sell specific units (i.e. yard, weight) of an item? Trunk will calculate the proper measurements to take away from the total supply in your inventory. And what about kits or bundles? Trunk will also make sure to deduct the proper quantities so that you won’t be caught overselling something you don’t have

Manage listings better

With the powerful of a centralized inventory also come the benefits of managing all your listings from one place. Easily push out a description or price change to all the places you sell a particular item

Grow your channels

Don’t just limit yourself to multiple platforms, how about multiple stores on one platform? Trunk makes it easy to grow your business and expand to more sales channels while having the confidence to manage it