Our customers love Trunk

But hey, we're not ones to brag! Instead, we'll let them do the talking.

I'm so glad I found Trunk, I had been looking for an inventory system that actually worked for months! It's made life so much easier, giving me more time to work on other areas of my business. Thanks so much!

Owner at Mrs Lamb UK

Trunk helped me get the ball rolling on a standalone Shopify store. Trunk does inventory sync extremely well and helps keep my 1000+ SKUs organized. The real-time sync (and I really mean real-time super fast!) between my Etsy and Shopify store is such a time-saver and helps keep everything organized. Plus I love the automated smart bundling feature for managing inventory when you’re dealing with multi-pack products! The user interface is intuitive, clean and has an easy learning curve. The support provided from James has been helpful and prompt. It looks there are additional features in the works, so the software will hopefully keep getting better and better.


After trying some other apps with horrible results and deleted inventory, we were referred to Trunk by a company that was assisting us with our Shopify website. We had so many problems getting accurate inventory between our in-store Square sales and our Shopify website that we’re ready to just “throw in the towel” completely! We’ve had Trunk for a few weeks now and so far it’s working great. Our inventory is staying accurate and it has given us one less thing to worry about.

Sean and Trish

Trunk is an excellent inventory solution for our small and growing brewery. Setting up inventory was very simple and everything synced on its own. The user interface is very clean and easy to use. Our multiple sales channels are now linked and are working seamlessly together. We have been very impressed with Trunk's friendly customer service. Shillelagh Brewing Company definitely recommends Trunk!

James L.

I had been seeking an inventory sync app for my store for a long while, none of them were a good fit until I tried Trunk. So easy to use and absolutely spot on customer service which is very important. Very glad to be using Trunk it saves me so much time! Thank you for all your help!

Owner at Sugabeads

Trunk is going to be a godsend for my business. I held off on selling my supplies on multiple venues simply because of the inventory tracking problem. I would have had to hire someone to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Now I can pay a monthly fee with Trunk to do it all automatically. Been using for a few weeks now with 3 sites linked and so far my experience with the interface has been exceptional. Highly recommend.

Founder at New Relic Studio

Loving this - it's made inventory management simple. My biggest worry was that inventory management system wouldn't be reliable - but it is! In fact, it lets me know when I've made mistakes! Love it!

Linda Dolan

After looking through all of the inventory management options Trunk was by far the best bang for my buck as a small business. The pricing is very fair and the functionality is exactly what I need! I highly recommend it!

Devin Sininger

Trunk is awesome it perfectly synced my two platforms seamlessly. No stress.

Sweet Jane salon

I was desperate to find some kind of help that would eliminate a chunk of the manual updating of stock. I found Trunk, thank heavens, to help fill that void for me. Now my POS list makes some sense. They have be attentive when I’ve needed as well which is always appreciated.

Courtney G.
Founder & CEO at Naked Perfection Spa

I am really enjoying using Trunk and it has made life so much easier with running a business on multiple platforms! Really trust the software to update things in the background for me.


I've been searching for over a year for a simple inventory management system for our Etsy store. All the other solutions we evaluated were too complicated or required dozens of ours to set up. With James super support we got up and running in less than 3 hours.


I needed to keep track of my inventory between my Etsy shop and my website through Squarespace and it was so quick and easy to set up! It worked right away and I have saved a lot of time already. When my trial ended I subscribed right away!

Ashley Layne

Absolutely perfect for syncing inventory between Squarespace online store and Etsy! Exactly what I had spent months looking for that would not break (my slowly growing) bank!

Amanda M.
Owner at Brown Box Cat

Spectacular customer service! Trunk has saved our company time and money. Highly recommend.

Business Development at Catch 49

Switching to Trunk is a breath of fresh air! I switched over to Trunk from "another" inventory service. I encountered so many bugs and glitches on that service that I was overselling items I did not have in stock, which is horrible for any business's reputation. Trunk updates stock between my two stores immediately and with smart bundles, I can intelligently sell bundles and make sure that I do not oversell my inventory! Thank you, Trunk, for making this multi-shop owner's life much easier!

The Stationery Life!
Chief Stationery Purveyor at The Stationery Life!

I am so thankful I found Trunk! My website did not offer inventory syncing with my current POS, so with the help of Trunk, and James, my problems were solved within a days time!

Ann-Marie Czajka
Founder at Stanza D’Amore

Before I tried Trunk, my Etsy shop and shopify inventory was always needed to be updated manually. Trunk saves a lot of time, I recommend this.

J. Wu
Founder at JWuMoments

Having Trunk has saved us a great deal of time. We have Square in our Brick n Mortar store and Shopify online. Trunk keeps track of inventory

John and Robin

Trunk's API is lightning fast and the only reason I was able to expand from Etsy to Shopify and eBay. I have over 200 SKUs in my shop and can fulfill over 100 orders per week, so manually updating each one just wasn't an option. Trunk is one of the best-kept eCommerce secrets and should be a common-sense tool for any multi-channel seller.

T. Meier

I love trunk, I couldn't run my business the way I want to without it. Trying to keep track of inventory across multiple sales platforms without it would be a nightmare! Also, this was the only app I could find that didn't sync all of my listings information, just the inventory quantity which is exactly what I wanted. So far from what I can see it works flawlessly. Keep up the good work Trunk team!


Love it! I'm no longer manually reducing inventory between my wholesale portals and my Shopify inventory. Such a time saver and the support is beyond amazing.


Trunk is exactly what we needed to marry up the inventory from our Etsy site and Shopify site. Trunk's clear, concise and simple layout lets us view what we need to know in one place. Refreshing change of pace from the expensive, trying to be all-in-one complicated-interface apps that are out there.

Patrick S.
Vice President at Stitch Love Studio

Trunk helped my Shopify Plus store sync inventory in real time, it happens in a matter of milliseconds, enabling us to have duplicated products that will not oversell! Their team helped with the integration of the app and has made everything super easy. It's working wonderfully for our brand. Thanks Trunk!

Director of E-commerce at HATCH Collection

I'm so glad I found Trunk. A great time and energy saver! It manages my business across several platforms at once. I can manage my inventory in less than half the time because I can manage the inventory for all of my eCommerce sales channels thru one site. It's super easy and the price is great! It is allowing me to expand my business without the dreaded "manual" cross managing of inventory. I even use it to manage my inventory when I am on the road at a trade show.

Aleen Ferris

Trunk has helped us take control of our inventory. It helped us manage from one place, so that we could streamline our ordering and selling processes. It has saved us money and drastically reduced stress. We highly recommend Trunk!

Founder at Good Southerner

Trunk provides us with a solid solution to keeping track of inventory over multiple sites. It's been a lifesaver! So simple and they are super responsive to questions. A huge plus.

Heidi D.

Stock syncing is an absolute necessity for my business and I am delighted to say Trunk handles this with ease. It saves me so much time and stress, I was always worrying that I might over-sell but since using Trunk I have had no problems whatsoever. Support is always fast and friendly.

Anna Williams
Company Director at Plannerface

Definitely a life saver. After 6 years of manually rigging my Shopify and Square account inventories to match each other, here comes Trunk. Literally sped up our efficiency and accuracy. So glad we discovered this. Our jobs are so much easier!


Trunk is an awesome solution for our model train shop. We already operate a successful eBay store, but we would like to replicate those results on our official website hosted by SquareSpace. Cross-posting inventory and keeping track of sales was a nightmare before, but now we don't have to worry about anything. Within our first day we had hundreds of items synced. Trunk is very easy to use and now we have more time to do what is important, providing great customer service! Thanks Trunk!

Corey Conrad

Trunk is a NECESSITY for our retail business. It has seamlessly integrated Square and Shopify, and allows us to continue adding or adjusting SKUs as needed. Before Trunk, we had to manually adjust online inventory quickly after an in-store sale which became really stressful. It's a major relief to not have to worry about this anymore. Plus, James, the developer, has been super responsive and helpful! 10/10!

Mischief Oakland

I am not only over-the-moon about Trunk's performance and ease of use, but also of the customer service I have received, even while using the trial version of this incredible app.

The app is exactly what I was looking for and is so easy to use. I was up and running within an hour. My product is simple, but keeping track of my raw material could have been a real headache without Trunk's bundling capability and real-time inventory syncing. It's clean. It's easy. It works.

As far as customer service goes, you won't find better. From the beginning, James has been attentive, helpful, and proactive in helping me get a handle on tracking inventory for my new small business. No matter the hour or the day, my needs were resolved in a timely and professional manner. That level of customer service is a hard thing to find these days and it's why I'll be a customer for as long as I'm in business!

Kathy Dunn
Co-Owner at Bonnie Bee LLC

Trunk has been essential for selling on multiple platforms and in store! Keeps our inventory synced and up to date. It’s really a great tool and time saver.


I am so happy that I found Trunk to keep track of my inventory across sites. I tried another solution before I found Trunk and it was so confusing and hard to work with. Trunk is super easy and does everything I need it to do. I got things up and running in a few minutes and it works in real time. I couldn't be happier.

Jenn Penn
Founder at Wholly Human

James has had the patience of a saint as I struggled to get everything up and running between my Shopify and Etsy account. Once I got finally got everything up and running correctly, this system has been running wonderfully at keeping my inventory synced between my Shopify and Etsy shops. It's a must have program if you have multiple shops with a massive inventory like I do.


An absolute godsend!! This app has literally made my business. We sell on Shopify and Etsy (soon to add Amazon) and we have kits and bundles as well, so logistically it would be a nightmare. But Trunk has made it so easy for us, and we have never experienced any glitches or issues - totally seamless. Thank you Trunk team!

Founder at Artemis+Ivy

Trunk works great! Easy to set up. James in customer service is awesome. Right there you if you any problems or questions.

Patricia C

TRUNK has made my business run so much more smoothly. James has been more thank helpful in assisting me to input my data and get it up and running. If you are looking for an etsy and shopify Inventory Management System, this is the best one around!

Ashar Reed

Trunk is exactly the solution I've been searching for. Now I can sell my original artworks on two different platforms (Etsy and my own website) without worrying about selling the same painting to two different customers! Well worth the investment.

Kristen Tye
Founder, artist at Kristen Tye Studio

Your guys' customer service has been top notch! Extremely happy with everything so far. We appreciate you. :)


Over the years of business ownership, I invested in various sales channels to grow my sales online and in store. Constantly I struggled with synchronizing my inventory across the sales channels I was using. Lots of valuable time spent, energy wasted and missed sales resulted. I certainly didn't want to change my sales channels though! They worked for me. Along came Trunk Inventory! The integration has allowed me to continue to use the sales channels I had in place and stay on top of my inventory. Kudos! Thank you for such an easy solution and I look forward to the future growth in your software solution.

Malinda OBrien

James has been absolutely amazing with his help and expertise in using the Trunk app. He always responds almost immediately and fixes any issues quickly! It is definitely well worth the money to know that my inventory is synced correctly and I will never double sell !


I have been using Trunk since the Beta stage, and have been so happy with it! It is very easy to setup & navigate. I had previously used other more expensive options that were 'clunky' and difficult to use. This app is the Best. I must also add that James is super hands-on & answers questions in a timely manner. He really cares that his customers are happy. Thanks James!

Laura M.

Trunk has helped me navigate the organizational chaos of being a small handmade business owner, selling across multiple platforms. My experiences with customer support have been prompt and EXCELLENT, as I had some difficulties setting up my inventory and managing my SKUs initially. I would highly recommend Trunk to all my maker friends and associates. It has simplified managing stock and avoiding overselling one of a kind goods.

Heather Gauthier

I've had a great experience with Trunk. My previous tool that I used for similar purposes had a lot of features, but was miserably out-dated and a pain to use. It's been smooth-sailing with Trunk and the developers have been responsive to what we're looking for long-term. Quite pleased so far and can't wait to see where it goes next-- so much potential here!

Founder at Luxury Playstyle

I was selling on 3 different marketplaces and stock management was proper pain in the neck. After I added my Shopify standalone it just became impossible. With Trunk it is real piece of cake and the time saving is massive. And the peace mind knowing I don't have to worry about overselling is just priceless. James was also incredibly helpful with initial set up. Highly recommend.

Founder and owner at Arcalliq

Trunk is a game-changer for syncing my inventory across Shopify, Etsy and now Faire. It's a massive time-saver, accurate in real-time and very user-friendly to learn, navigate and use. James, the developer, is also a pleasure to work with - always responsive and able to resolve any question that may come up. There also appears to be new features in the works, so the effectiveness and efficiency of Trunk is only going to improve. I highly recommend this service to help streamline your ecomm.

Theresa James
Founder at Inchworm Alley

Trunk is the best!!! So easy to set up and use. Integrates with my eBay and Shopify stores. Tracks and adjusts quantities across all sales channels in real time so I never sell product I don’t have in stock. That was my biggest headache. My favourite feature is creating bundles and kits. This allows me to create multiple listings using the same products in different quantities and sets across my stores and Trunk keeps track of it all. Ensuring what I have listed is available to sell. 💗💗💗 Trunk. It’s changed my business. Helped me grow and saved me valuable time I can utilise elsewhere in my business.


I've been using Trunk for a good few weeks now and have been really impressed. I couldn't trust the previous software I was using; it often stopped working and got confused with product variations. So far there have been no such problems with Trunk. It's also reassuring to see stock updates lightning fast when an adjustment has been made.

James is open recommendations and seems eager to improve the software even further.

Director at Spartan Music

Trunk is awesome it perfectly synced my two platforms seamlessly. No stress.


During the pandemic we had to take our brick and mortar store online with Shopify, but keeping stock numbers online and in the physical store in sync became a nightmare. People would buy an item online and at the same time a customer would buy that item in our physical store and we had to disappoint several online shoppers when we told them their chosen item was out of stock. So we set up syncing between Shopify and Square and it works LIKE MAGIC.

Maralyce Ferree

Trunk has made life so much easier for me. If I sell something online, I no longer have to hurry over to my other e-commerce sales channels to change the number of items in stock. It is easy to set up, and the Trunk team is really helpful.

Founder at Innpust

Easy inventory synching! Literally no learning curve to get up and running. I love this App!

Sue Giordano
Owner at TinyHomeGoods

James is amazingly accommodating. We're super grateful to have found him and Trunk.

Scott Haven
Co-owner at Homecoming

Trunk has been a lifesaver! Recently we implemented square for retail into our store additionally to square space for website sales. Needless to say, Trunk made the process absolutely seamless after many failed attempts with various software. We would recommend Trunk over all others! 10+++/10

Gilded Age Antiques
Marketing Director at Gilded Age Antiques

I run a small vintage shop on my own and since I sell the same items on multiple platforms I am always worried about not noticing a transaction and accidentally double selling. This site solves that problem for me completely. All I have to do is assign the same sku to each item and I can rest assured that if it sells on one platform it will immediately be made unavailable on the others. I personally link a Shopify site and an Etsy site and after a few hours of learning my way around the site I find it very easy and seamless! Thanks for making running a small business on your own a little less stressful!


We were having such a hard time tracking our inventory between Etsy and EBay! We used a combination of spreadsheets and handwritten notes! We started having trouble with selling things that were already sold which led to disappointed customers. We were worried about the impact on our store so started searching for a solution. We have been very happy with Trunk Inventory! James and team have been very responsive to the questions we had while setting up. I would recommend them to any small business looking to simplify their inventory tracking.

Kathy Palmer
Founder - aka Director of Sparkles and Fun! at Fabricadabra Quilting Supplies

We've used many inventory sync applications and this one is by far the best! The synchronisation across our channels is in almost real time and it's second to none!

Sam Hargreaves
Managing Director at Technology Recycle Group Ltd

The app is working really well, very impressed after being with Linnworks for many years

Gemma Thomas

Trunk has been amazing! The syncing between my Shopify and Etsy shops has worked perfectly and saved me so much time. And Trunk even pointed out some discrepancies with URLs between the two shops. Highly recommend!

Owner at fabric406

We supply magnetic therapy products, including magnetic bracelets, bangles and copper rings for arthritis, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia. This Trunk inventory app is awesome and very simple to use in syncing our products across multiple platforms like Shopify and eBay.

The app will save you a lot of precious time to work on other aspects of your business. You will not have to worry about over-selling and go through that awkward moment of letting a customer know the item is out of stock. Try the 14 day free trial and message James on the app he is very helpful and will get you up and running in minutes.

Sales Manager at Gauss Therapy Ltd

Trunk is a great tool to keep your inventory up to date across platforms. It works seamlessly, never glitchy and the customer support team is astoundingly quick and willing to help.

Kevin Sampson
Head of Product at Dad Grass

Trunk has been a lifesaver for my business! With a brick & mortar shop that uses Square and an online store on Shopify, plus an Etsy shop, inventory syncing has been a major headache for us. The previous systems we've tried could only sync two platforms, so our Etsy shop inventory was always off and needed to be updated manually. Trunk has allowed us to sync inventory across all of our sales platforms, and gives me peace-of-mind knowing our inventory is accurate and we won't be overselling our products (and the corresponding customer disappointment that comes with that).

Founder at Folia Collective

My shop was constantly struggling to keep inventory updated between Etsy and Shopify. This takes all the work out of it for you. I had a few glitches but it has been smooth sailing since!

Samaya WCM

I've been looking for something like Trunk for ages. Saves me heaps of time doing boring inventory.


I don't remember how I found the Trunk app as they weren't shopify approved yet but I'm so glad I found it. All the shopify apps had a bunch of bells & whistles I didn't need which made the monthly charges extremely expensive.

I have had nothing but a positive experience with Trunk & James has been a dream to work with. He has always responded to any questions I've had within 2 hours. I would suggest this app to anyone that has multiple selling venues.

Ribbonologist at Perpetual Ribbons

Super easy to set up and has the features I need right now.

Chief Bookworm & Party Planner at Literati Party

With several sales channels (Shopify, Etsy, Faire), managing and keeping accurate records of inventory was an issue. With Trunk, I love that inventory is synced seamlessly across all sales channels. The app was really easy to learn and set up, and it's been a smooth process overall.

Cheryl Loh

Trunk has been the solution we've been looking for. I own a brick and mortar and when the pandemic hit, we quickly opened an online shop. Our POS is Square and our website is Squarespace which meant we were going to have to do everything manually each day as items sold - what an operational mess! Trunk has been a lifesaver in helping mitigate inventory issues. It's easy to use and when you need help, James is readily available. I highly recommend for small retail shops who sell online and in person.

Sarah Artz
Founder at Good Day Shop

I am so overly pleased with the customer service and software provided by Trunk. From the very beginning, they were helpful and warm and so quick to respond to my questions. The inventory software is something I've been looking for for a long while, and honestly, it's perfect for managing my multiple websites and online shops. It's been super easy to use, efficient and the price point is on point. I even had a different situation with my business that Trunk was super willing to work with me on. I'm genuinely thankful to have come across this company and would recommend to anyone looking to manage multiple e-commerce platforms.

Melissa Benson
Founder at Raw Sugar Writes

Trunk has been an amazing tool for our small business. This year we went from selling on one platform to three and I was searching for a way to keep real-time inventory of our many products. I'm so grateful we found Trunk! The format is user-friendly and the synchronization is extremely fast and accurate. I've been able to focus on sales during busy times because I know our inventory is being safely accounted for.

Lauren Wong

So excited to find Trunk!! It has helped keep our shop inventory so much more organized and up to date. It integrates with so many apps.

Acacia Accents

I was looking for an affordable tool that was able to sync inventory for Multiple shopify stores and also Etsy and Ebay... and guess what, I found the perfect app in Trunk! I have tested it for some weeks, and it syncs very reliable. This saves me a ton of time and stress about my stock! Thanks!

Founder at AfricanFabs

Trunk has been a godsend. I was looking for something that could sync all my sales channels so I could stop guessing what my inventory numbers were! Very happy with the platform AND the customer service!

Andrea Williams
Founder at Paisley Paper Co

Trunk...finally an answer to my inventory woes! Using a spreadsheet every night to adjust my inventory between multiple marketplaces was becoming a time consuming nightmare, then I found Trunk, the quickest, easiest and cheapest solution out there. I was up and running with Trunk in one night.

The best thing about this software is the ability to track bundles and kits, which I am doing more and more with. I thought I would have to buy twice as much inventory on certain items to make sure I did not run out due to bundles, but Trunk made it so simple to track. When someone buys one bundle, the items that make up that bundle are subtracted from my inventory instantly and any other bundles that share the same item(s) are also adjusted for quantity.

Time is money and Trunk saves me both time and money!

Lemonlime Lagoon

Three years of running multiple e-commerce platforms has resulted in a massive headache in regards to inventory... until we found Trunk! Before we found Trunk, our workflow was to count our inventory, and then cut it in half; 50% for our web-store, and 50% for our Etsy. Managing wholesale orders on top of those was even more of a nightmare. Now we can manage our entire inventory in one dashboard. I can't express how excited I was to find this service, it's saved me hours and hours of frustration. Thank you!

Charlie Wagers
Partner at Lost Lust Supply

It took me a while to understand the concept since eBay and Amazon would often issue sku numbers that were different from those I input in Square. James was very patient and took the time to explain how to sync items on the different platforms and now everything is working well. Definitely will end up saving lots of time down the road.

Founder at Twin Roads

Love this app as it is super simple and simply works. Thanks!

N. Larsen

I'm super happy w/Trunk. I was using an inventory management software before that was overkill and too expensive. Trunk is a great solution that doesn't over complicate my situation...just keeps the inventory right. Extremely reliable and fast.
And the customer service has been wonderful.

Peter Graham

At Hathorway, we've been growing our jewelry business quite quickly over the past years. Today, we are on multiple e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and Faire; and inventory management has been one our greatest headaches that comes along with our growth.
Luckily, we found Trunk to take that inventory management headache away!

Not only are we able to manage the quantity of our products effortlessly, but we could also manage our jewelry components and supplies so that we'll never run out or over purchase our jewelry bits and pieces. And not to mention, the on-boarding process for syncing our platforms on Trunk was an extremely seamless and quick experience, which is something every small business like ourselves really appreciates because our time is highly sparse. We highly recommend Trunk to every business who struggles with inventory management and who wants to save money and time.

Jessica Phan
Owner at Hathorway

I just hope that I find Trunk earlier. I have a Square to sell in person, a Etsy shop and a shopify shop. Syncing inventory used to consume large chuck of time. Trunk definitely solves this problem perfectly. I signed up a trial with Trunk and five minutes later I subscribed to it. It's exactly the tool I was looking for. And I really like the no-bullshit-it-just-works vibe of it. Super easy to setup.

Ariel Wang
Founder at Koi And Lotus

I signed up for Trunk as it was recommended to me by Faire. I was looking for an inventory system that specifically integrated with Faire, as well as Square & Squarespace. James has been absolutely wonderful to work with and has honestly changed my life. I've been checking my inventory as orders come in, to make sure everything syncs up and guess what, IT IS! I'm a one woman show here, so anything I can do to streamline my process is truly a lifesaver. Thanks again Trunk!

Whitney Berkowsky
Owner/Designer at Otto & Berk

I was looking for a cost effective way of managing our stock across multiple platforms, and this was by far the simplest and most effective way.
We sell a lot of bundles, and managing component items across multiple products and platforms was becoming a nightmare. Trunk solved all our problems.

Lawrence May
Founder at Sewing Base

We were on the edge of dropping Faire and in turn, hundreds of wholesalers. We were that frustrated! It took us under an hour to set up Trunk and integrate our Shopify+ store with Faire, and now we're pulling in an extra $10,000+ a month without actually crying over the frustration of managing stock between two platforms. We can offer more to our wholesalers and expect to grow 2-3x in wholesale clients this year, thanks to Trunk.

Brandon Love
Founder & Owner at Crumble Co.

Haven't been working with Trunk for a long time, but it's a great fit already. Customer service is very prompt and friendly and it's great to see how the app is being constantly developed and have a say in it.

Owner at Ergo Floral

Trunk has made it easy to link our existing Point of Sale to our website when there was no other solution. Now we can sell online and in-person and be confident the two platforms are in sync. Much appreciated!

Alma V.
Owner at Foyer Shop

Amazing service that fills a great need. I was at a loss to reconcile my inventory between Square and my Squarespace website, and Trunk has been a lifesaver for how seamless and easy it is to use. It has been worth every penny and I am grateful for how attentive, accessible and knowledgeable they have been.

Andy Torres
Owner at Mobius Theory

Finally, a multi-channel inventory management solution that is sleek, fast, and easy on the eyes. I wish I discovered Trunk earlier! It has really changed the way we keep track of our listings and cut down on overselling. James was always helpful and quick to answer any questions we had as well. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a minimal and easy to use option!

Co-Founder at Oh Shiny!

We are very pleased with Trunk. Before using it we had to constantly track and manually synchronize our inventory between our multiple selling channels. Trunk has made is painless. It is almost literally a “set it and forget” service.

Bethann P.
Founder at Happy Masks

James from Trunk offer the highest level of customer service. I am very impressed and grateful for all of his help. Trunk is absolutely phenomenal. It is simple to use, and very robust with no glitches. I would recommend Trunk to anyone. James will be the next CEO of the top tech solutions company called Trunk. Watch out!

Owner at MeXpresalo

Signed up for Trunk as I needed an inventory management system between my website and my wholesale platform. Set up was very easy to integrate between all sites. Cost was extremely reasonable compared to other sites I looked into. So far it's been flawless and I now have the ease of mind knowing that I have accurate inventory management and no chance of overselling something I don't want to.

Danielle Cinderella

Amazing! It worked like butter. I recommend this 100%

Alejandro Flores

We needed something to help us bundle items on our Shopify store and keep in-sync with our app inventory. Trunk's smart bundles and kitting have been able to help us tremendously and seamlessly updates with new listings!

Madison at Thryfty

I absolutely LOVE Trunk!! It has made my life so much easier. I searched high and low for an app to keep my Shopify inventory synced with my Etsy inventory and kept coming up empty. Everything I had found was super complicated and very expensive. I was thrilled to find Trunk. It was easy to install and customer service was very helpful when I had questions. It has simplified my inventory and the price is great.

Owner at Miss Monogram

As a small business, it's hard to find inventory solutions that will help you grow without eating up your entire profit. Trunk Inventory not only solved this problem for us, but it is easy to navigate, works flawlessly, and customer service is top notch. We have already referred several partners to Trunk for their inventory management, and they are thrilled with the service as well. Thanks guys!

Highline Clothing Co
Owner / Designer at Highline Clothing Co

This app does exactly what it says it will. It links inventory via SKUs from multiple Etsy stores to a single Shopify store seamlessly. It's really easy to install and set up. It also alerts you to duplicate SKUs. CSR from Trunk is quick at replying and is always very kind and helpful.

Katie S.
Founder/Owner at DG Apparel Brand

Trunk has been so easy to set up and use. The customer support is fantastic. I love how I can see my inventory across all my channels. Great user interface. All around - I’m thrilled I choose Trunk.

Melissa Haffeman

Setup was a breeze and covered our needs with Faire, Shopify and Etsy. Massive stress off our plate and we had it up and running in minutes! Thank you!!

Johnny LTD
Founder at Johnny LTD

After scouring the internet I finally found an affordable and efficient service to manage my inventory across multiple sales platforms. I’m a small business owner selling on Etsy and Shopify. Trunk helps me balance available inventory in real time across both platforms so I don’t run the risk of double selling. What I really like is that I wanted JUST an inventory tool and that’s what Trunk is - clear, easy, no clutter, just keep track of item counts. Simple perfection. ❤


We have had issues in the past with our square pos system syncing to our online store. With TRUNK this is a thing of the past. We just link our accounts, make sure the SKUs match, and then forget it while it handles the rest! James is extreme helpful if you have any questions!

Will Cada
Co-Founder at Cada Soapery

Very easy to install and works brilliantly. Trunk is keeping my stock in check across my website and my Etsy shop.


Trunk has saved me so much time and unnecessary effort in inventory management across my multiple storefronts. I sell an increasing number of items and was really worried about how I was going to manage my inventory across my two stores and in person. Now I'm worry-free with Trunk's ability to manage all my items in real time and I don't need to manually adjust listings back and forth when an item gets sold. Truly a life changer with really intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI. Big fan!

Ann Alonso
Founder at Arcasian

Great support & service. Amazing onboarding and easy communication.

Senior Biz Dev at aava swim

Needed something to sync shopify and faire and this has been working great so far!

Laura Berens

Great customer service, great pricing, and most importantly a great product. We tried other solutions before landing on Trunk and they just didn't cut it. Trunk's inventory management and speed updating means it the only product that suits our needs. Can't wait for further updates supporting Amazon, Walmart, etc.

The Clay Republic
Claymaster at The Clay Republic

As a website designer, I've been looking for something to connect my preferred host platform, Squarespace, with other selling and POS systems for a long time. Trunk is the perfect solution for my clients who want to have their product inventory automatically tracked between platforms. As a result, it allows my clients to sell in-person and online while Trunk automatically updates inventory numbers for them! James, Trunk's founder, is amazing to work with and responds to inquiries very quickly. Overall, Trunk's customer service is far superior to any other programs I've used, allowing me peace of mind that I can receive help when I need it. Additionally, Trunk's interface is extremely user friendly. (You don't have to be techy or a web developer, like me, to use it!) I'm so happy to have found Trunk and am excited to partner with them to offer an exclusive discount for my clients and followers!

CEO and Founder at Theory House

Trunk has been a lifesaver for our inventory tracking needs. We recently opened a Shopify store in addition to our Etsy shop which share the same inventory. James (the founder) was incredible in helping us set it up just days before we went live. His customer service was incredible, really going above and beyond to make sure his product worked for our needs.

Amy Rowan

Trunk is great! It's very easy to use and it takes away the hassle of updating multiple sales channels inventory counts. I highly recommend Trunk to anyone looking for a simple way of managing inventory stock levels!

Eric C
Owner at Retailava

As a small business with multiple sales channels, we struggle to keep on top of our inventory. The majority of our items are one of a kind so it's extra important that ensure our inventory is accurate. Trunk has taken that worry away. Now if something has sold on one of our Etsy shops, we know that the stock on our Squarespace website has been adjusted. Trunk is a real time saver and excellent value for money.

Fern & Bramble
Director at Fern & Bramble

Trunk really provides what we were looking for in an inventory management app. Since we have multiple shopify stores, and within those stores, multiple product variants that relate to the same base inventory product, we needed a solution to aggregate those shops and products and have them in one dashboard only. We even set up bundles, so if a watch is sold, not only the watch case is deducted from the inventory, but also a strap and a clasp. Once Trunk is coming with its reporting tools, there's really no difference to the significantly more expensive apps. Along the installation and set up, James from Trunk has been incredibly responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this app!

Marketing Director at Formex Watch SA

Trunk has been an amazing tool for our small business. We sell on multiple online platforms as well as at in-person events and before trunk it was nearly impossible to keep our inventory synced. Now our inventory numbers are always right. Absolutely love trunk.

Josh D.

We started using Trunk to bridge the inventory management gap between Shopify and Faire. The ability to sync between these platforms has been a real game changer for us. Trunk has eliminated a huge amount of time and tedious effort around updating our inventory across platforms, and frankly has eliminated the fear that human error will cause a bad customer service experience as items go out of stock. We already had a solution for Etsy but Trunk gives us an extra layer of connectivity and a super digestable dashboard that lets us see that all our channels are all in sync at a glance. The Trunk support team is highly communicative and easy to work with. In short, we love Trunk!

Pia Rappaport-Goldman
Founder & CEO at PILLOWPIA

Having to adapt to the need of moving our business more online during the shut down of COVID-19, we were scrambling to find the perfect thing to help us run our business and stay connected online and in store. James at trunk was very patient and walking us through the process of syncing our inventories. He walked us through it very seamlessly and I was always available to help answer questions!

Andria Powell

Trunk allow me to update inventory on both Etsy and Shopify in a heart beat. It is seamless. Works like like a breath.

Co-founder at La Girafe Couture

Trunk is perfect for us and saves us time from counting by hand on an excel spreadsheet and always being worried of overselling. It's also great that we don't have to update quantities on every platform when we have an out of stock product. We use it to sync our inventory on Etsy, Shopify, Faire and Square. It is a simple beautiful tool and James is always helpful even after business hours.

Founder at Badaboöm Studio

While selling items on Etsy, I was getting tired of dealing with their fees and after looking into my onsite, I was getting worried about how I could continue to manage inventory. James with Trunk was able to personally work with me to make sure I felt comfortable with the solution I had of managing supplies into my products. I love being in control of my own website (Shopify) but know I can continue selling on Etsy with their search options and even though I have many limited inventory items, working with the Trunk integration makes me feel comfortable that I won't accidentally sell something on Etsy that I don't have in stock anymore, because yes that happened.

Founder at GACrafts.com

Trunk is amazing. The software is simple and easy to use, and updates our online stores MUCH more quickly than our previous inventory management software. Plus it is able to handle all the odd quirks of Etsy, Shopify, etc. I highly recommend it!

COO at Felted Sky

Good product... It is easy to set up.. James is on top of things and responds fast. The product solves the issue of inventory management across multiple platforms - Thank you


Trunk was the perfect platform for helping us streamline our inventory management system.
Easy to use and excellent staff, was able to get us going to provide some tips along the way.

IT at mechebox

Trunk has been a huge timesaver for our business! Using this program streamlined our daily operations. Normally it would take an extra hour to monitor and make sure inventories between our online and physical stores were synced. Now that we use Trunk, we can confidently and smoothly run our business and spend more time with customers instead of with our inventory. James was super helpful and attentive in working with us to make sure everything was working out for us.

Megan Haerle

The thought of using an inventory app between shopify and my Etsy store was daunting. I imagined it would be a huge task with time I didn’t have and I was nervous about my inventory being changed on my Etsy store. However setting up trunk was honestly a breeze. It is so easy to understand and incredibly user friendly. I had never used a system like this before and before I knew it I had approximately 200 products synced between stores and inventory being updated right away. Very happy customer!

Nicole Dietrich
Owner and creator at restore grace

I've been using Trunk for about a month now and have been extremely pleased with the integration. It allowed me to link my Square POS system in my retail store with my web shop on Squarespace. No manual entry or double-checking inventory numbers to make sure things line up, as Truck takes care of it!


Intuitive and easy to use, Trunk definitely helps us to be on top of our inventory and save us efforts and money on a daily basis!

Brice Salmon
Co-founder - VP at Baltic Club

I have been using Trunk for a few months now, and it has been a powerful tool for my inventory management! Before Trunk, I had to manually manage my inventory across multiple sales channels and it was a huge headache as units could not be updated in real time. Now, I can sit back and Trunk manages my inventory levels for me, I highly recommend this software if you are selling in multiple channels! It's well integrated with the existing sales channels, although it would be great if a downloadable CSV was available in the future!

Yao Cheng
Founder at Yao Cheng Design

As a supply shop with multiple selling venues, inventory management was the most difficult part of my job. Trunk allows me to manage my inventory from one location, saving me hours each week. I no longer worry about overselling an item or missing sales because inventory is depleted on one venue. It's like hiring an inventory control assistant!

Sue Meunier

I opened a new global store and changed my original store to Australia/New Zealand and searched high and low for a solution that was not only seamless, but also worth the cost. Trunk has fulfilled all of my requirements. Highly recommended for anyone needing inventory sync that ACTUALLY WORKS!


Just the resource we were looking for. Real time inventory updates making it easy to track our in store and online sales. Saves me hours on inventory each week. Plus the team at Trunk was super awesome about extending our free trial period - so we could make sure it was the right solution for us.

Sami Gaston
Owner at Bar Diane

Trunk is the missing puzzle piece I've been NEEDING in my business for years. Inventory has always been the biggest pain point with the multiple platforms I sell on, but HOLY CANNOLI, Trunk has been a game changer for me! It seamlessly syncs everything in real time like magic, and the bundling/kitting feature actually made me scream when I discovered it. (Anyone else just LOVE when solutions are easy-breezy?!) I cannot recommend this platform enough; it is easy-to-use, the customer service is incredible, and I have a feeling there's even more goodness to come. I've already saved so much money/time/headaches by using Trunk, and if you're a product-based biz, don't wait any longer to sign up!

Cami Monet
Owner at Cami Monet

Square had been sitting on its hands for four years. Trunk solved that problem overnight for us. All inventory software should be this capable!

Mano M.

We 100% recommend Trunk for any small business selling on multiple platforms. It has saved us so much time that was previously being spent on manually updating inventory. What's more, it's completely removed the stress of worrying about overselling items. Thank you James for all of your help and expertise - keep up the good work!


As a small but fast-growing business, we had been struggling to keep on top of our inventory. Since we started working with Trunk, everything has become so much easier. We are delighted with the service.

Damla Teker
Founder at Yarnland

Trunk has saved us so much time updating listing quantities for our large volume of SKUs. As soon as we get a new shipment in stock, we can add to our listings very quickly. James is always very helpful and responsive!


I have been looking for a program to synchronize my stock for years. As a small business owner the programs out there were either too expensive, too complicated or did not include all sales channels. Trunk saves me time and reduces stress. No more order cancellations because items are out of stock!

Support has been great and I am looking forward to new features

*****5 stars*****


Trunk is the integration I've been needing between Shopify and Etsy. So easy and saves me hours and hours of time. Great customer service, too!


I've tested out a few other 'inventory sync' apps before and Trunk does the job well. We sell physically in two stores, Shopify and other sales channels, so we needed an app to sync all inventory to prevent overselling. The trial period allowed me to experience the app as is, and now in the subscription, I can say that our inventory syncs quite well, between sales made in our stores and online. It's truly a life-saving app, and James is quick to respond if you ever have any issues or questions. James is also very helpful in ironing out any bugs, thank you!

Manager at On The EDGE

Great platform for inventory management

Co-Founder at EcoRoots

Omg, I LOVE Trunk! I have tried different apps and they could not sync my inventory in real-time. Trunk can! Since I have many one of a kind items I truly need something that can sync in real-time so that I do not sell it on several platforms at the same time.

I checked when I had sales and the items were instantly marked sold on the other platform! Awesome app and I highly recommend anyone to try it if you are in need of syncing inventory.


I am absolutely in love with this App! It is the best money I have ever spent! It has saved me countless hours of syncing up my inventory between Square In-store and my online Shopify. It has made it where I can ensure when a customer purchases online it is in stock in-store and I will not have to cancel orders. Since Shopify can sync with Amazon, now all three of my platforms are integrated. No more headaches and canceled orders for me. I highly recommend this app for anyone selling on multiple platforms. Once you sync up your inventory and get your inventory levels set to the correct count you will be so thankful you have this app. James has also been quick to respond to me if I had a question and even emailed to check in when I was in my trail period. After I signed up as a paying customer he emailed to thank me and asked if there was anything I needed help with. Great customer service and very friendly. I am a happy, satisfied customer! Thank you James for simplifying my life in this digital world that can be a nightmare!!!!!

Owner/CEO at Brave Boutique

Trunk is great. It allows me to sync my inventory across platforms which is a nice relief to my small-business-owner brain.

Nicholas Wheeler

Trunk has been instrumental in growing my business. Selling on multiple platforms, it's imperative to have inventory that lines up. Trunk provides that and more, making it very easy to see my inventory in one place. Delighted to keep using this service.

Kaeli D.
Owner at kaeraz

Syncs instantly. I have had zero issues with inventory syncing with Trunk. My previous solution synced once an hour on a chronjob if it was functioning properly that day. Trunk has fixed that and now I don't sell out of stuff any more. Woot!

Founder at Co-Kan Co

Trunk is the best software for linking multiple SKUs on your e-commerce platform. It gave me the ability to sync one SKU to my ERP system and update all duplicate SKUs price and levels.

Founder at EMD Online

Trunk is a no brainer, simple and straight forward!

Director of Operations at Lulu Dharma

Trunk Inventory has completely simplified the process of syncing our inventory between eBay and our Shopify store. It just works, and that removes all of the stress around managing inventory on multiple platforms.

We're excited to add additional channels with Trunk as we continue to grow our business and to see what new features they add.

James Cook
Owner at Metal Movies

Trunk ticks all the boxes for us - it allows us to manage stock across multiple platforms in a straightforward and efficient manner. The dashboard is user friendly with easy to digest information. My only regret is not signing up sooner!

Co-Founder at Wave

I was afraid to expand the scope of my online store because I did not have the ability to automatically sync my inventory. As a small business owner I cannot afford to waste time on manually updating redundant inventory tracking systems. Trunk is a simple solution with an easy-to-use interface that gives you more time for the work you want to do.

Elizabeth W

trunk inventory have offered us a great solution we looked all over for, so far we are very pleased with the results! i highly recommend James and his team who are always on hand to quickly answer any questions.

Abraham Salomon
Manager at NewHall Watches

Trunk works. I have tried other options for inventory syncing that do not work, and leave you in a mess of wrong numbers and needing to recount products. Trunk syncs your inventory and adds kitting. Which is even more useful than I originally realized. Love it.

Owner and Queen of the Forest at SmileyBoy Beads

After testing several sub-par, unreliable solutions for inventory sync, Trunk was a breath of fresh air. It "just worked", with an intuitive UX, and solid support.

Anand Rajaram
Marketer at Shobitam Designs

You're the best in deal of synchronisation between my stores on Etsy and Shopify!

Founder at Ponoma

Trunk was exactly what I was looking for. It has helped me seamlessly keep track my inventory on both our retail and wholesale shopify websites, as well as our Faire brand account! It has saved me time and headaches by having an awesome solution to my inventory problems. I wholesale by the pack on one of our platforms, and using their bundling feature helped me without having to make workarounds in that particular platform's inventory. I was able to let Trunk keep track of the individual units and the pre-packed amounts simultaneously, which created an easier inventory system for us overall.

Founder at Hotline

We have a large supply shop with about 4000 items and using Trunk has been great so far. Our main shop is on Etsy and we sync stock with our new Shopify shop. Also support is very friendly and helpful.

Founder at MayaHoneybeads

I love what Trunk has done for my business. It makes keeping inventory accurate across multiple stores a complete breeze. The customer service is absolutely top-notch. James is ridiculously fast at answering questions and has been fantastic and helping me figure out the best way to use Trunk for my needs.

Michelle Griffith

My business started on Ebay, so when I decided to grow the business front and use Shopify to build a store, I found it difficult to link my existing inventory. I tried several different apps along the way and they either half worked or just didn't work at all. Eventually, I stumbled across Trunk Inventory, and my inventory was synced in minutes. I couldn't be happier with this service! It's easy to use, fast working, and they have great customer support. Thank you Trunk for helping my business grow!


I've used the app for 2 weeks so far and I've only got great things to say about the app! It's quick to set up, and straight forward to use. James the developer was always there to help out. Most importantly, the app does what it promises to do: sync stock between my shopify and etsy stores seamlessly. I anticipate to keep using the app for years to come. Don't hesitate, just give it a try and you'll save so much headache!

Founder at MimiScrubHats

I've always had issues keeping my quantities in sync with my online sales and selling at local markets until I found the TRUNK inventory app. I've only been using it on a small number of my products for a few weeks now and it has made my life so much easier. So now, I'm starting to use it across all my products. As for the customer support from James ... AMAZING! This is definitely one of the best apps I've ever used!

Founder at JUPdog

Trunk has been a great way for us to sync our inventory across multiple selling platforms. We don't have to worry about selling out of items on our eBay store and then forgetting to update our Shopify store. It saves us time and money by being able to put all of our inventory on every website we sell on. Plus, the customer service is great! They usually respond within a couple of hours-which is really helpful when you work in the online retail world, which as we all know, runs 24/7. Thanks Trunk!

CEO/Founder at WodBottom

Great app and great service.

This apps does exactly what it says it will on the tin so we couldn’t ask for more.
We have quite a large Shopify inventory which changes daily and also have a select range listed on eBay and Etsy.

With such a large inventory it is a real hassle trying to keep stock levels synchronised across all three sales channels so there was always a risk we will over sell if we forget to do a manual adjustments. This app takes care of that and in real time which is a huge relief and lets me concentrate on work other than constantly trying to keep stock levels up to date over several platforms.

Easy to set up, accurate and fast so I can now confidently leave this app to do its thing and get on with other work

The service and response times from James are second to none so I would very highly recommend the app and Trunk as a company to anyone using multiple sales channels.


We had been looking for a program to sync our inventories between Our online store that uses shopify and our retail store that uses square. We tried a few, all with major issues. Then we found Trunk....it just works. Effortlessly. 🙌 Customer service is amazing too. So happy we found Trunk!

Director at Cedar and Stone

I've only just started with Trunk, but James has been very helpful and responds to my questions very quickly. I sell a line of production jewelry as well as one of a kind pieces, and it's essential to have my one of a kind work synced across sales channels. I'm a one-person, artisan business and Trunk is the only affordable inventory management I've found. It's very easy to use and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Sue Urquhart

Although we are a small business, we have thousands of items to keep track of across multiple platforms. Trunk has made it possible for us to keep inventory across both Etsy, Shopify and Faire with ease. Support has always been friendly, helpful and prompt. This is the app that we were waiting for!

Jessica Kramer

Trunk has been simply amazing! We use both Etsy and Shopify and were manually changing inventory numbers across both platforms, which wasn't always easy to accurate. As we have grown our business in the past year, this was becoming increasingly more difficult when were receiving 30+ orders a day. We had tried a while ago using some other paid programs for combining the two, but they were very cumbersome to work with. Trunk came along and I was hesitant because it seemed too good to be true. Spent about 3 hours getting our inventory matched with SKU numbers between the two sites then made trunk active... In about 5 minutes everything was linked up and ready to go! It has been AMAZING since then! It has simplified our business and made our inventory numbers completely accurate. This program is the real deal. Thank you so much!!!

Shannon Baughman

Absolute game changer! Prior to Trunk we thought the ability to seamlessly sync eBay and Shopify inventory with 100% accuracy was out of the question. However, James and his team proved that to be untrue! Incredible APP!

Vice President of Sales at RenewedMacs.com

Trunk has a vision and is well on its way to deliver some greatness in inventory synchronization!
I am currently using Trunk to synchronize two marketplaces (Etsy and Amazon). I am looking forward to future updates which will add centralized inventory management, enhanced reporting, along with Woo and X-Cart integrations. But for now, Trunk is a solid program for a very reasonable monthly fee.
Is it quirky and imperfect? Yes - but Trunk has both heart and a vision for the future. It is also the most reasonably priced inventory synchronization product out there (trust me, I checked). Now that I've adopted Trunk, I look forward to growing with Trunk!
If you want a fully-functional cross-marketplace inventory management application, subscribe to one of the many $250+ plans. But if you want a solid product that is focused on inventory synchronization, then sign up for the trial and get Trunk!

Owner + Artist at studioTica

Trunk has saved my team and me hours each week manually updating inventory in Faire, and I'm so grateful to have found them! Now I'm able to offer my wholesale customers up-to-date information so they can feel confident their entire order will be fulfilled, I'm able to consistently maximize income, and we all save time updating inventory counts.

Melissa Romano
Founder at Babe Basics

I don't know what I would do without Trunk! Being able to sync in real time all my duplicate SKUs among my listings has been a real life saver. No more running to update inventory to prevent overselling...

Roxana Leal

A big worry when launching my new jewelry business was how to manage inventory with multiple products having the same items and furthermore, how to manage inventory selling across potential multiple platforms like Shopify and Faire. This app seems to take care of all of that and already my mind is at ease about it!

Founder at Botanical Bright

Trunk is great! It's like having someone count inventory for us all the time.

Jared O
Founder at Moss Amigos

We are very happy with the Trunk Inventory software. It is easy to install and very simple to use and syncs inventory extremely fast. No more hassle to adjust inventory manually.

Founder at Jfloral.aus

We started using Trunk to connect our inventory between Shopify and Square. It works seamlessly between the two platforms and keeps our inventory up to date. No more worrying about selling something at a pop up someone is trying to buy online. The customer service is great and the team at Trunk answered all of our questions up front and quickly. Great overall product!

Trunk is such a time saver! As we pivoted our bar business to be an online ordering and curbside pickup business during the COVID-19 closures, Trunk enabled us to focus on everything other than counting inventory and keeping it in sync. Its very easy to understand and allows us to link complex kits & bundles to ensure proper inventory depletion.


Love it!! Totally a life saver. Trunk made my inventory so much easier.


I spent MONTHS trying to find an affordable, user-friendly and easy-to-implement solution for syncing my inventory across the Shopify and Etsy platforms with no luck, until I found Trunk. It's simple and it WORKS. Highly recommend!

Founder at Stag & Hen

Trunk has been great for us so far! And working with James is a dream - very responsive and helpful.

Founder at The ManTool

Trunk has enabled us to share our inventory across our many sales channels - without the time strain of manually removing sold products. It takes away the fear of overselling inventory and creates the perfect sales experience for our customers.

Michael Aschenbrenner

With a growing number of SKUs, keeping up with inventory across multiple platforms became a big and time consuming job...one that often fell through the cracks. Which meant I didn’t have accurate inventory displayed on my sales channels and worse there were product variants that would display sold out when I actually had inventory on hand. Trunk has been a life saver because I can manage my inventory through my Shopify dashboard and it updates my other sales channels without having to do any additional work! Plus it’s easier to keep items in stock on all of my platforms because I don’t need to worry about splitting up inventory to make sure I don’t oversell an item. I was originally looking for something to just sync up my Shopify and Etsy shops, but I’m so excited to also eventually link up my Faire account. It’s going to be a lifesaver going into the holiday season! Yay!

Owner at August Ink

I decided to make a Shopify storefront, but I also wanted to keep my Etsy up. I did some research on inventory-syncing apps and Trunk was the best option for me because of its price and features!

Laura Hammonds
Owner + Designer at Dbl Feature

I love it. It's perfect for my use and very affordable.

Susan Winger

I started off using Square a few years ago and it does everything I want it to. I changed ecommerce host about 4 months ago to Shopify and I love everything about it, apart from the fact that it doesn't interface with Square, so I was having to manually update my Square and Shopify inventory every day which isn't great. Then I discovered Trunk! It does it all for me in real time at a cost that is great and well worth it, having taken all the pain out of maintaining my website and shop stock. Definitely recommend.

Catherine Fotheringham
Founder at Chandlers Attic

Great software that has solved one of our problems which we thought a solution didn't exist. James was really eager to help and make sure it worked well. It has exceeded our expectations so far, thanks!

Founder at BOXXD

I had been looking for a way to organize my inventory on my Etsy site for sometime now. Once I discovered Trunk, running my shop got so much easier! They were super quick to help me set up, communicated with me throughout the whole process and helped me if I had any issues. I am extremely pleased with Trunk and highly suggest them!

Marcelle Abel
Founder at Eddelle

Trunk is life saving! I was pulling my hair out spending so much time manually managing my inventory. Super user-friendly and customer support has been amazingly helpful! 5 +++++ Stars Wish I would have found them sooner.
Definitely recommend

Nicole Fleming

Trunk has been an amazing platform for our small business! We can track our inventory throughout our multiple channels such as Square, Squarespace, and Faire using Trunks simple/user-friendly management system. Best of all, their customer service has been outstanding!


So far, so GREAT! What a tremendous service for a seller selling on multiple platforms. We're new here, but we plan to stay!

Jennie W.
Jennie W. at Kindred Handicrafts

Trunk is a must-have for any Shopify user who also sells on other platforms! It is very easy to set up, use, and adjusts inventory very quickly. I highly recommend it!


This is the BEST inventory syncing software that we have ever used. We sell OOAK decorative book collections and up until now had to have a separate inventory for each of our sales platforms. We can now upload all of our book sets to each shop and use Trunk to synch across 2 Etsy shops and a Shopify store. In effect have tripled our available inventory!