A little bit about "us"

Hi 👋

I'm glad you're curious about who's behind Trunk!

Trunk is brought to you by me, James. It all got started a few years ago. After having conversations with lots of sellers, it became apparent that selling on multiple channels was a pain. In fact, many businesses avoided it simply because they hadn't found a good solution to manage it all, with existing software being too clunky or never working properly.

The goal today is for Trunk is to become the best multi-channel e-commerce platform for businesses. And we're just getting started (cliché much?). So if you're either already selling or want to sell on multiple places, then Trunk was made for you.

Finally, Trunk is proudly bootstrapped and has never received any outside funding. This means Trunk will always be working for its customers and never in the interest of investors or private equity firms.

Thanks so much for your continued support and please reach out anytime!